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As part of the university's COVID-19 social distancing measures, you must reserve the room when you need to use common equipment (please be aware that E1305B is split into two rooms for the purposes of reservations).

Please obey all Maximum Occupancy restrictions.

Disinfectant wipes have been placed in common rooms. Please disinfect equipment before and after use. If supplies run low or are missing, submit an IT-Equipment Support Request.
If the calendar allows web reservations, click the "Reservation Form" below the calendar to see the Reservation Form.
An Outlook meeting will be sent to the email address entered below when the reservation is placed.
To cancel an appointment, click the "Cancel Reservation" link.
To request access to other calendars, please use the Computer Resources and Core Facilities Access Request form in PORtal (You must be on the department network or connected to the VPN to access this form) or email