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Brad Andresen

Where Are They Now?
Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy, Western University of Health Sciences
After Graduation
After Pitt I went to the NIH as a Postdoc, and sadly I have a “failed” postdoc.  I had two high-risk high-reward projects that went bust, and I left the lab a bit too early to an Instructor position at Georgetown.  This was good as I got to start some new experiments and form lasting friendships, but I was definitely too young to be a faculty.

I was only at Georgetown for three years and then moved to my first assistant prof. position at the University of Missouri in the Division of Endocrinology, Department of Medicine.

I was at Univ. of MO for 4 years and this academic year started at Western University of Health Sciences in the College of Pharmacy.  So now I have a much higher teaching load than at a Medical school, and I am at a small school so my R01 dreams are going to be hard to achieve.  However, the environment is excellent and I have found an institution where I am valued and I “fit in”.  So what I can offer students is a peek at the underbelly of academia and discuss with them teaching (and doing some research) at pharmacy schools.