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Elise Fouquerel, PhD

Assistant Professor
Hillman Cancer Center, Research Pavilion, Office 2.26f
5117 Centre Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
Phone: 412-623-3237


BS (Biochemistry and Biological Analysis), IUT of Caen, France, 2004

MS (Molecular and Structural Biology), University Henry Poincare, Nancy, France, 2007

MS (Microbiology and Enzymology), University Henry Poincare, Nancy, France, 2007

Ph.D. (Cellular and Molecular Biology), University of Strasbourg, France, 2011
Headshot of Elise Fouquerel, PhD
The Fouquerel laboratory is interested in deciphering the roles of DNA-dependent ADP Ribose Transferase enzymes PARPs in the repair of oxidative DNA damage and resolution of secondary DNA structures at telomeres and centromeres, two genomic regions whose integrity is crucial for overall genome stability. We utilize biochemical, molecular and cell biological tools to address our current questions. We also employ the FAP system, a highly innovative tool that allows for the local induction of oxidative DNA damage at the telomeres and the centromeres of mammalian cells. Our work contributes to improving the development of PARP inhibitors already largely used in cancer therapies and aims to provide new strategies for treating cancers and inform the rational design of PARP-targeted treatments.

Journal Articles

Muoio D, Laspata N and Fouquerel E. Functions of ADP-ribose transferases in the maintenance of telomere integrity. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 79:215, 2022. 
Fouquerel E, Barnes R, Uttam S, Watkins S, Bruchez M and Opresko PL. Targeted and persistent 8-oxoguanine base damage at telomeres promotes telomere loss and crisis. Molecular Cell 75:1-14, 2019.
Fouquerel E, Lormand J, Bose A, Lee T, Kim G, Li J, Sobol RW, Freudenthal B, Myong S and Opresko, PL. Oxidative guanine base damage regulates temerase activity. Nat Struc Mol Biol 23:1092-1100, 2016.
Parikh D*, Fouquerel E*, Murphy CT, Wang H and Opresko PL. Telomeres are partly shielded from ultraviolet-induced damage and proficient for nucleotide excision repair of photoproducts. Nat Commun 6:8214, 2015.  *Equal contribution

Fouquerel E, Goellner EM, Yu Z, Gagne JP, Barbi de Moura M, Feinstein T, Wheeler D, Redpath P, Li J, Romero G, et al. ARTD1/PARP1 negatively regulates glycolysis by inhibiting hexokinase 1 independent of NAD+ depletion. Cell Rep 8:1819-1831, 2014.
Mortusewicz O*, Fouquerel E*, Ame JC, Leonhardt H and Schreiber V. PARG is recruited to DNA damage sites through poly(ADP-ribose)- and PCNA-dependent mechanisms. Nucleic Acids Res 39: 5045-5056, 2011.  *Equal contribution
Ame JC*, Fouquerel E*, Gauthier LR, Biard D, Boussin FD, Dantzer F, de Murcia G and Schreiber V. Radiation-induced mitotic catastrophe in PARG-deficient cells. J Cell Sci 122:1990-2002, 2009a. *Equal contribution