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Fei Chang, PhD

Research Instructor
E1316 Thomas Starzl Biomedical Science Tower
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Phone: 530-219-1806


Tongji University, BS in Chemistry, 2010
University of California-Davis, PhD in Chemistry, 2017
Headshot of Fei Chang, PhD
My research focuses on developing novel small molecule compounds for the treatment of metabolic diseases, autoimmune diseases, and cancer. Specifically, I am interested in identifying the pharmacological impact of novel natural products such as furan fatty acids and nitrated fatty acids. By understanding of the biological mechanisms of those natural products, structurally optimized analogues are synthesized and further tested in more relevant disease animal models. The objective is to identify clinical candidates and to ultimately achieve bench to bedside translation.

Journal Articles

F Chang, S Dutta and M Mascal. Hydrogen-economic synthesis of gasoline-like hydrocarbons by catalytic hydrodecarboxylation of the biomass-derived angelica lactone dimer.  ChemCatChem 9:2622, 2017.
F Chang, S Dutta, JJ Becnel, AS Estep, M Mascal and J Agric. Synthesis of the insecticide prothrin and its analogues from biomass derived 5-(chloromethyl) furfural. Food Chem 72:476, 2014.