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Michael A. Pezzone, MD

Associate Professor, Medicine


Valedictorian - New Castle High School 1983. A.B. - Cornell University 1987. M.D., Ph.D. - University of Pittsburgh 1994. Internship - University of Pittsburgh. Residency - University of Pittsburgh GI Fellowship - University of Pittsburgh.


Headshot of Michael A. Pezzone, MD

Dr. Pezzone's research is on visceral pain and the overlap of chronic pelvic pain disorders. Dr. Pezzone and his research group (Dr. Elena E. Eustinova-Gutkin, Ph.D. and Dr. Ruomei Liang, M.D.) are studying, in an animal model, neurogenic pathways mediating cross-sensitization of the urinary bladder and distal colorectum. Their work indicates that the frequent overlap of irritable bowel syndrome, interstitial cystitis, and other chronic pain disorders may occur as a consequence of pre-existing neural circuits or afferent (sensory) convergence such that the irritation of one organ leads to co-sensitization of another. Ongoing studies are attempting to elucidate these pathways in greater detail and may shed more light on chronic pelvic pain disorders.

Journal Articles

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Pezzone MA, R Liang and MO Fraser. A model of neural cross-talk and irritation in the pelvis: Implications for the overlap of chronic pelvic pain disorders. Gastroenterology 128:1953-1964, 2005.