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Ieva Sutkeviciute, PhD

Research Assistant Professor


BS (Bioengineering), Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Lithuania), 2004
MS (Bioengineering), Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Lithuania), 2006
PhD (Structural Biology), University of Grenoble (France), 2012

Research Summary

Dr. Sutkeviciute’s current research interests include investigation of the structural mechanisms of parathyroid hormone receptor (PTHR) signaling, in particular 1) the structural basis for distinct signaling modes of PTHR mediated by endogeneous hormones PTH and PTHrP as well as engineered long-acting PTH (LA-PTH); 2) determination of the structure of agonist-bound PTHR in complex with Gq heterotrimer, which will bring the fundamentally important insight to structural basis for G protein selectivity; 3) investigation of β-arrestin1 interaction with PTHR to unveil the binding epitopes and give basis for the structural model of PTHR/β-arrestin1 interaction. Another research interests involves the structure-based design of small molecule drug candidates targeting PTHR to open venues for development of novel therapies for osteoporosis, hypocalcaemia and other diseases caused by defects in PTHR signaling.
Headshot of Ieva Sutkeviciute, PhD

Journal Articles

Sutkeviciute I, Clark JL, White AD, Gardella TJ and Vilardaga JP. Parathyroid hormone receptor: Structure, allostery, and signaling. Trends in Endocrinol & Metab. (review). In press, 2019. 
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Li-Hua Zhao, Shanshan Ma, Ieva Sutkeviciute, Dan-Dan Shen, X. Edward Zhou, Parker W. de Waal, Yanyong Kang, Lisa Clark, Fredreric G. Jean-Alphonse, Alex D. White, I Jiang, Karsten Melcher, Ming-Wei Wang, Jean-Pierre Vilardaga, H. Eric Xu and Yan Zhang. Structure and dynamics of parathyroid hormone type 1 receptor in its long-active signaling state. Science 363:148-153, 2019.
I. Sutkeviciute, F.G. Jean-Alphonse and J.P. Vilardaga. Endosomal PTH receptor signaling through cAMP and its consequence for human medicine. InTopics in Medicinal Chemistry, Springer International Publishing AG, 2017.
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