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Pharmacology & Chemical Biology Seminar Series
12/8/2022 - 12:00 PM-1:00 PM
“Structural basis of LRRK2 activation – a molecular paradigm of kinase spatial regulation”

Ji Sun, PhD 
Assistant Member
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Gain-of-function mutations in LRRK2 lead to Parkinson’s Disease (PD); therefore, LRRK2 inhibitors hold great potential for PD treatment. In this seminar, Dr. Sun will discuss the structure-function relationship of LRRK2, focusing on the following questions. 1) What is the architecture of LRRK2, a 286-kDa multi-domain protein? 2)  How is LRRK2 recruited to membrane surface by Rab GTPase? 3) How is LRRK2 activated upon membrane recruitment. And 4) What can we learn about LRRK2 PD mutations to guide future drug development?  

Thomas E. Starzl Biomedical Science Tower
1395 Conference Room
203 Lothrop St
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Melanie Hoffner

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