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John S. Lazo, PhD

Professor Emeritus


BA (Chemistry), Johns Hopkins University, 1971.
PhD (Pharmacology), University of Michigan, 1976.
Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale University School of Medicine, 1976-1978.


Headshot of John S. Lazo, PhD

The Lazo laboratory is primarily focusing on studying how enzymes that remove high energy phosphates from proteins controlling cell division, migration and survival using both molecular biological and pharmacological approaches. Other major themes include determining the mechanism of action of new anticancer agents and the development of both high through and high content screens of small molecule chemical libraries.


Figure 1

Journal Articles

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Xu F, Y Rbaibi, K Kiselyov, JS Lazo, P Wipf and WS Saudners.  Induction of mitotic slippage by the microtubule inhibitor, disorazole C1.  BMC Chemical Biology 10:1, 2010.
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Sharlow ER, D Close, T Shun, S Leimgruber, R Reed, G Mustata, P Wipf, J Johnson, M O'Neil, M Grögl, AJ Magill and JS Lazo.  Identification of potent chemotypes targeting Leishmania major using a high-throughput, low-stringency, computationally enhanced, small molecule screen.  PLoS Neg Tropic Dis 3:e540, 2009.
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