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Margaret M. Tarpey, MD

Adjunct Professor


BS (Biochemistry), University of California, Riverside, 1975.
MS (Physiology/Pharmacology), University of California, San Diego, 1978.
MD, Duke University, Durham, NC, 1981.
Resident (Anesthesiology), North Carolina Memorial Hospital, Chapel Hill, NC, 1982-1984.
Resident (Anesthesiology), Richland Memorial Hospital, Columbia, SC, 1984-1985.
Fellowship (Anesthesiology), University of Alabama at Birmingham, 1985-1986
Headshot of Margaret M. Tarpey, MD

Journal Articles

Kelley EE, T Hock, NKH Khoo, PC Powell, G Giles, GR Richardson, A Agarwal, J Lancaster and MM Tarpey.  Moderate hypoxia induces xanthine oxidoreductase activity in arterial endothelial cells. Free Radic Biol Med 40: 952-959, 2006.
Kelley EE, A Trostchansky, H Rubbo, R Radi, BA Freeman and MM Tarpey.  Binding of xanthine oxidase to glycosaminoglycans limits inhibition by oxypurinol.  J Biol Chem 279:37231-37234, 2004.
Tarpey MM and I Fridovich.  Methods of detection of vascular reactive species: Nitric oxide, superoxide, hydrogen peroxide and peroxynitrite.  Circ Research 89:224-236, 2001.
Tarpey MM, CR White, E Suarez, G Richardson, R Radi and BA Freeman.  Chemiluminescent detection of oxidants in vascular tissue:  Lucigenin, but not coelenterazine, enhances superoxide formation.  Circ Research 84:1203-1211, 1999.
White CR, TA Brock, L-Y Chang, J Crapo, P Briscoe, D Ku, WA Bradley, SH Gianturco, J Gore, BA Freeman and MM Tarpey.  Superoxide and peroxynitrite in atherosclerosis.  Proc Natl Acad Sci 91:1044-1048, 1994.