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Laura Pascal

Research Assistant Professor
7045 Biomedical Science Tower 3
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Phone: 412-383-9564


B.S. (Chemistry), The University of Tampa, 1989
M.S. (Environmental Health), East Tennessee State University, 1993
Ph.D. (Public Health), University of Illinois at Chicago, 2003

Research Summary

Prostate cancer and benign urologic diseases, health impacts of diet and exercise
Headshot of Laura Pascal
Prostate cancer and benign urologic diseases, health impacts of diet and exercise

Journal Articles

Lv S, Song Q, Chen G, Cheng E, Chen W, Cole R, Wu Z, Pascal LE, Wang K, Wipf P, Nelson JB, Wei Q, Huang W and Wang Z. Regulation and targeting of androgen receptor nuclear localization in castration-resistant prostate cancer. J Clin Invest 131(4):e141335, 2021. 
Pascal LE, Mizoguchi S, Chen W, Rigatti LH, Igarashi T, Dhir R, Tyagi P, Wu Z, Yang Z, de Groat WC, DeFranco DB, Yoshimura N and Wang Z. Prostate-specific deletion of Cdh1 induces murine prostatic inflammation and bladder overactivity. Endocrinology 162(1):bqaa212, 2021.
Pascal LE* and Wang Y* (co-first authors), Zhong M, Wang D, Chakka AB, Yang Z, Li F, Song Q, Rigatti LH, Chaparala S, Chandran U, Parwani AV and Wang Z. Eaf2 and p53 co-regulate STAT3 activation in prostate cancer. Neoplasia 20(4):351-363, 2018.
Zang Y, Pascal LE, Zhou Y, Qiu X, Wei L, Ai J, Nelson JB, Zhong M, Xue B, Wang S, Yang D, Lan L,  Shan Y and Wang Z. ELL2 regulates DNA non-homologous end joining (NHEJ) repair in prostate cancer cells. Cancer Letters 415:198-207, 2018.
Pascal LE, Masoodi KZ, Liu J, Qiu X, Song Q, Wang Y, Zang Y, Yang T, Wang Y, Rigatti LH, Chandran U, Colli LM, Vencio RZN, Lu Y, Zhang J and Wang Z. Conditional deletion of ELL2 induces murine prostate intraepithelial neoplasia. J Endocrinol 235(2):123-136, 2017.
Ai J, Pascal LE, Wei L, Zang Y, Zhou Y, Yu X, Gong Y, Nakajima S, Nelson JB, Levine AS, Lan L and Wang Z. EAF2 regulates DNA repair through Ku70/Ku80 in the prostate. Oncogene 36(15):2054-2065, 2017.
Liu J*, Pascal LE* (co-first authors), Isharwal S*, Metzger D, Garcia RR, Pilch J, Kasper S, Williams K, Basse P, Nelson JB, Chambon P and Wang Z.  Regenerated luminal epithelial cells are derived from pre-existing luminal epithelial cells in adult mouse prostate during androgen manipulation.  Mol Endocrinol 25(11):1849-1857, 2011.