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Hayley Rein

Graduate Student Researcher

Headshot of Hayley Rein

Journal Articles

Rein, H.L., Bernstein, K.A., and Baldock, R.A. (2021) RAD51 paralog function in replicative DNA damage and tolerance. Current Opinions in Genetics and Development, 71:86-91
Prakash, R., Sandoval, T., Morati, F., Zagelbaum, J.A., Taylor, B., Wang, R., Desclos, E.C.B., Sullivan, M.R., Rein, H.L., Bernstein, K.A., Krawczyk, P.M., Gautier, J., Modesti, M., Vanoli, F., Jasin, M. (2021) Distinct pathways homologous recombination controlled by the SWS1-SWSAP1-SPIDR complex, Nature Communications, 12(1):4255
Jiang, Z., Lai, Y., Beaver, J., Tsegay, P., Zhao, M., Horton, J., Zamora,M., Rein, H., Mirales, F., Shaver, M., Hutcheson, J., Agoulnik I., Wilson, S. and Liu, Y. 2020. Oxidative DNA Damage Modulates DNA Methylation Pattern in Human Breast Cancer 1 (BRCA1) Gene via the Crosstalk between DNA Polymerase β and a de novo DNA Methyltransferase. Cells. 9(1):225