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Funding Opportunities

Searching for Funding Opportunities

Comprehensive Funding Databases for External Funding



Pivot includes funding opportunities from all disciplines including arts, humanities, health and medicine, social sciences, and sciences. Users can conduct searches for funding opportunities, and University of Pittsburgh faculty, staff, postdoctoral scholars and graduate students can create accounts to save searches and receive funding alerts.

Other Sources 


National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Non-NIH Funding Opportunities
NSF Find Funding
Department of State
Stanford SOM


Internal Funding Opportunities


Pitt Momentum Funds

The Pitt Momentum Funds are the university's internal research funding mechanism and are awarded in three different tiers:

  • Seeding Grants—one-year term with an award cap of $25,000. Seeding grants support significant and innovative scholarship by individual or groups of faculty at all ranks at the University of Pittsburgh, with a particular focus on early career faculty and areas where external funding is extremely limited.
  • Teaming Grants—one-year term with an award cap of $60,000. Teaming grants support the formation of new multi-disciplinary collaborations to successfully pursue large-scale external funding.
  • Scaling Grants—two-year term with an award cap of $400,000. Scaling grants enable multi-disciplinary teams to competitively scale their research efforts in targeted pursuit of large-scale external funding.

Competitive Medical Research Fund

More Information: CMRF


Health Sciences Bridge Funding Program

More Information: BRIDGE


Limited Submissions

Limited submissions are funding opportunities that place a limit on the number of applicants and/or applications can be submitted from the University of Pittsburgh.  In order to submit a proposal in response to a limited submission opportunity, you must first submit a pre-proposal to the Pitt Office of Research by the internal deadline.  If more nominations/applications are received than permitted by the sponsor, the pre-proposal will undergo an internal university review process conducted by an ad hoc committee.  This committee will make recommendations as to who will submit an application for the next cycle.



Helpful Resources 

Application Repository to Help University Researchers (ARTHUR)

Search database for examples of successfully funded federal grant applications witted by faculty at the University of Pittsburgh.
More Information: ARTHUR 


Scientific and Editorial Review of Grant Applications by the Office of Research, Health Sciences

The University of Pittsburgh, Office of Research, Health Sciences offers a FREE scientific and editorial review service to Faculty in the Schools of the Health Sciences.  Your proposal will be reviewed by a PhD/Faculty-level Scientist Administrator, and they will provide you with a critique prior to the agency submission deadline.

More Information:  OORHS

Grants Development Coordinator  at the University of Pittsburgh, Office of Research
Ryan K. Champagne, MLIS
412-624-7410 or

Funding Specialist at the University of Pittsburgh, Office of Research
Guy Serrapere
412-624-7412 or