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Kirk Dineley

Where Are They Now?
Scientific Review Officer, NIH, The Center for Scientific Review
After Graduation

Since I left Pitt in 2004, I was teaching in a biology program in a small university in SC.  As of August, I just joined a new pharmacy school near Chicago, where I am responsible for the pharmacology element of our curriculum.  So when the students get interested in teaching careers, this is something I can probably help with.


When I was at Pitt, the BGSA put on an alternative career seminar, with invited speakers who worked in various fields.  (I do hope the BGSA is still vibrant.)  Anyway a lot of us found that very useful, though some faculty probably viewed it as a bit of a distraction.  Of course those were the heydays of NIH funding, so one could be forgiven for believing that most students could and would go on to RO1 positions.   Given the recent funding climate, I would argue that an alternative career series or service is the responsible thing to do, and I do hope the BGSA is as active about that now as it was then.